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You'll be surprised to see all we offer at the
Kennedy Supermarket

At the Kennedy Supermarket you will find a full range of offerings which are sure to fulfill all your grocery needs. We take pride in keeping all our departments fully stocked and respond to our customer's request when possible. Take a moment to check out what we offer in each of our departments. Don't forget to take a look at the services we provide beyond the groceries available in out departments also.

Produce Department

The Porduce Department at Kennedy SupermarketOur produce department features seasonal fruits and vegetables from local growers when available. Our main suppliers are Olean wholesale and Brigottas produce supplier.


20 year employee Sue Bennett and owner Sandy Mead give their personal touch to the produce department. Every day the produce is inspected so the best looking and freshest product is on display for purchase. Each week we search out the available sources to bring to our customers the best quality produce at the best price possible.


Four times a year we have a store wide 3-day sale and price our produce below cost for the benefit of our customers. Close monitoring of the refrigeration system on a 24 hour basis is a key factor in maintaining fresh and tasteful fruits and vegetables. The expert refrigeration specialists from Strickland refrigeration check our equipment on a regular basis.

Deliveries are inspected when they arrive. They are refused if they do not meet our standards.

Meat Department

The Porduce Department at Kennedy SupermarketOur meat department has real "old fashion" meat cutters. Bob Dinger over 40 years experience and is assisted by Donny Canfield.

Our meat department stands out as the best part of our store. We take pride in having the freshest meat at the lowest prices in the area. Every kind and cut of meat delivered is inspected and checked for the right temperature when it is delivered. We keep our meat room at 38 degrees while we process it to insure the freshness to our customers.


We price our meat at a lower Markup than our competition. This gives our customers the best price possible on a weekly basis.


Did you know that our Italian sausage is homemade and stuffed on site from a recipe that we have used for over 30 years? We have many kinds including hot, mild and sweet. We also have homemade korv that our customers rave about. The fresh ground beef is ground daily and priced just over cost for an everyday value. All the beef we offer is USDA choice beef. We have a great ready-to-cook stuffed section that is very popular with our customers, so don't come in late in the day or it will be gone.



The Porduce Department at Kennedy SupermarketWe bake fresh everyday in our bakery. We make our butterbit dinner rolls from scratch and they are a top seller. We have Italian bread that's so fresh and delicious. We have all kinds of rolls from Kaiser to wick to hoagie. Call in to place large orders and ask for our large order discount.


Fresh donuts made everyday. Cookies and sweets made fresh for those special holiday parties.


We are one of the few stores that make salt rising bread. We have our own special recipe that's out of this world. Stop in to try some and when we bake it you will know by the smell!



The Porduce Department at Kennedy SupermarketOur deli area is one of the busiest areas of the store. We offer fresh deli meats cheeses and salads. Our subs are 1ft. and 2ft. and they are huge. Subs made fresh everyday. Everyday we have hot pizza, soup and a Daily special. We always sell our deli meats and salads by the full pound price.


Snacks & Beverages

The Porduce Department at Kennedy SupermarketThe snack section is in an area of its own with soda of all kinds and snacks of every brand.


General Groceries

The Porduce Department at Kennedy SupermarketWe have six aisles of groceries that cover every category you would need to fill your cupboards.




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